About Vita da Canari

Who am I...?

My name is Elena, I’m 29, I’m Italian and since January 2015 I’ve lived in the Canary Islands… exactly in Lanzarote.

How come I end up here…? Simple!

At some point in my life I realized I was no longer happy.
Too many things were not going as I wanted, and I was falling in a vortex of sadness and apathy.
Furthermore, in the last few years Italy did not offer much in terms of work and personal growth, even if you graduated.

And so… after a hard summer of seasonal work, I’ve been searching for a warm place to spend my vacation in autumn, hoping to enjoy a shred of sunlight.

And… I fell in love.
It was love at first sight with Lanzarote!

Once I came back in Rome, nothing was the same.
I tried to live my “normal” pace of life, but it seemed so inconceivable to me.
I couldn’t get used with all that stressed and resigned faces in the street.
Even Rome, the city I always loved, it was not my home anymore.

So I dropped everything and came back in the place that made me so happy just few days before, enchanting me with its extraordinary nature and with the warmth of its land, its people, its 300 days of sun.

I’m here for years now, with a view to discover all 7 islands of this wonderful archipelago little by little!

How Vita da Canari was born?

It’s not every day you wake up in the morning, go outside and find yourself in a foreign reality, living your everyday life in continuous amazement.

So I’d like to tell what my eyes see in this piece of heaven, left outside the Pillars of Hercules but still european; located just in front of Africa, and contaminated with South American culture.

The blog VITA da CANARI was born to share my experience, to tell about landscape, excursions, relax moments… wishing it could be an asset to find tips and advices when organizing your trip to the Canary Islands.

Are you in your office / store / home, imagining yourself in a dreamy beach, or backpack exploring new places?

I can not ensure that it happens, but I can give you a window to look out and travel with your mind.
…and maybe give you the input to make this journey real!

I really hope you appreciate the content.

Have a good read… or a good trip 😉


NOTE: the blog is continuously being updated!
If you don’t find what you’re looking for, maybe I haven’t yet visited that place!

I only write about what I see firsthand, and I do it informally and spontaneously.
Maybe I’m not as complete as a Tourist Office, but I’ll involve you with my personal point of view 😉


    1. Figurati! Vivevo a Roma e venivo da un periodo parecchio tormentato, non avevo in programma di trasferirmi ma solo di staccare la spina con una vacanza… Tenerife so che è troppo “inflazionata” ormai, così abbiamo scelto Lanzarote… ha superato di 10 volte le mie aspettative, quando sono tornata a casa non era più la stessa cosa :/ e dopo 3 mesi sono ripartita 😀

    1. Ovviamente questo è un posto turistico, quindi BISOGNA SAPERE LE LINGUE, almeno l’inglese, molto gradito il tedesco.
      Di conseguenza ok a tutti i lavori che hanno a che fare con il turismo e la ristorazione, ma ovviamente la concorrenza è tanta. Se ci si vuole lanciare in un altro settore, bisogna calarsi nella realtà del luogo e quindi sapere lo spagnolo. Altrimenti, si può provare con le realtà più rurali, come ad esempio la viticoltura, che qui è molto gettonata!
      Grazie per il commento, un saluto!

  1. Hola Elena! Anche io mi trovo a gusto qui in gran Canaria e vorrei tanto scoprire le altre isole… Ti linko il mío blog….non e’ bello come il tuo…ma sonó neófita..energiacanarie.altervista.org…….brava e buon lavoro…ti seguiro’ con piacere….hasta pronto!

    1. Elena

      Hola Alessandro 🙂
      Che bella Gran Canaria, la prossima settimana ci tornerò in viaggio con la famiglia!
      Sono contenta che ti piaccia il blog, con la passione e la cura di ciò che si scrive vedrai che si imparano un sacco di cose 😀
      Grazie tanto per aver commentato 🙂
      A presto!

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