Lanzarote Isole Canarie Vita da Canari

The island of get link high contrasts, volcanoes, black soil and white houses.

Lanzarote is the easternmost island among the Canaries’ Archipelago.

In 1993 Lanzarote was designated as a posso assumere viagra con priligy? UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The island is marked by the traces of click here Cesar Manrique, the artist who used to merge nature and architecture to create the main Cultural Centers of Lanzarote.

This fact strongly characterized the urban development: the landscapes of Lanzarote are unmistakable!

The amazing wine region, the stunning sight from the Mirador del Río, the huge Famara Beach are just a few of the sceneries that will leave you breathless!

It's the island for you if...

  • …if you’re intrigued by the very extreme forms of nature.
    Dry landscapes, stretches of cactus, volcanic caves, wild beaches are just a few of its peculiar aspects.
  • …if you’re a sports fan.
    In Lanzarote there’s room for every sportsman: surf and windsurf, triathlon, bicycle races… its nature is a spectacular framework for every activity!
  • …if you’re looking for an island on a human scale.
    Lanzarote is not the biggest among the Canary Islands, but it has an impressive amount of treasures to be discovered.

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